In the eye of the beholder.

Photography Gallery


Aerial Arizona

A set of images from a day of exploration & adventure with helicopter pilot Mitch Kelldorf of Hangar 5 Productions.     view gallery

American Southwest

Images from the upper half of Arizona and the lower half of Utah. This collection was shot on film with Fuji Velvia and Provia.     view gallery

Southern California Surf

A few glorious days on the California coast between Malibu and the Wedge in Newport Beach in late July, 2010.     view gallery

Northeast Florida

Various images from the Jacksonville and St. Augustine areas of the Northeast Florida coast.     view gallery

Colors of Fall

I like to pull out my camera when God pulls out His paint brushes. The colors of Fall never cease to amaze me.     view gallery

Southeast Florida

A collection of photos from the part of the planet I will always think of as “home”.     view gallery