So, which Steve Allen is this?


Okay, right off the bat here, it should be clear that this is not the website for the late world famous comedian / musician / author / television personality / former-Tonight-Show-host / husband-of-Jayne-Meadows known by the same name. And rumors that he was named after me are just that — rumors. I’m also not Steve Allen the pro windsurfer (though I love surfing) or Steve Allen the prolific photographer (though I have licensed his photography for a DVD cover design and also happen to be a photographer myself).

Past & Present

I was born, and born again, in South Florida where my great, great grandparents were early settlers. My great grandmother had a general store near what is now the Kravis Center in West Palm Beach and would trade with the Seminoles who traveled to the store by canoe. In 1978 I became a Seminole myself by attending Florida State University and graduated in 1980 with a BFA in Visual Communications.

My wife, Nancy, and I have been blessed with two great sons and two fantastic daughters-in-law. We live in the suburbs of Atlanta and have been virtually cut off from the ocean for over two decades. I’m still adjusting to that. Some days better than others.

I invest my days helping clients through my creative communications company, Allen Creative (founded in 1995), and working with Grace Fellowship Churches as a creative something-or-other (don’t actually have a title). Prior to ’95 my career path included stops at two design studios, three advertising agencies, and a corporate art department (Hallmark Cards) where I worked as a lettering artist. Along the way I’ve had the privilege of meeting and working with a great number of wonderful and talented people whose influence and example have helped to shape what I do and who I am.

I have been unfairly blessed with parents who have never given me reason, even for one second, to doubt that I am loved. And they introduced me as a child to the One who loves me even more than they do. I’ve spent too much time in my life being disrespectfully selfish and I’m grateful (though surely not grateful enough) for the forgiveness, grace and mercy I’ve experienced.


I’m fascinated with creativity and am blown away by the fact that we’ve been created in the image of the Ultimate Creator. I love music, art, photography, design, poetry, writing, etc., though I’m grieved at how often these gifts are turned against the Giver. I love science because it shows me how God has created and gives me a view into what he has created. I love the ocean in general and wave riding in specific. Also love the desert, especially the canyon country. Everywhere I look I see the fingerprint of God. And far too often, the vandalism of sin.

I want to know God better, to know him for who he really is. I want to figure out what it really means to love him with all my heart, all my mind, all my soul, and all my strength. And to figure out what it means to love my neighbor as I love myself.

Reality is a wild story and the closer I look, the wilder it gets. And I’m learning, however slowly, the value of waking up and paying attention.