Return from LA

Return from LA (five miles above the deck)

posted in Blog, Creation, Life in General, Travel | Saturday, July 24th, 2010

From a window seat at 30,000 feet, I look down at the work of God and man, amazed. Scattered sun-lit clouds cast blue-black shadows on the red soil and green vegetation, neatly divided into the squares and circles of agricultural design. Tree-lined paths of water twist and squirm through the patchwork grid. Tiny white rectangles of rooftop reveal the locations of families, moving – unseen – through the motions of daily life.

I think of Jesus, walking on the water. Partially because I’ve just left the Pacific Ocean and partially because I remember him saying, “You will do greater things than these.” And frankly, looking down at earth and sky from a padded seat, with music filling my earbuds, peering through a clear glass window in this heavy metal cylinder hurdling through the atmosphere at almost 600 miles per hour …. Well, it seems like a miracle. Like it shouldn’t be possible. And yet, here I am. What a blessing to have eyes to see the ever-changing art of God’s creation!

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